This year, we can’t have volunteers shaking buckets on the street to fund Special Olympics, but like our athletes, we #CantStopNow

Special Olympics athletes

have come so far. Many have overcome things they were told they can’t do…make friends, swim, ride a bike, go to university, get a job, get Gold for Ireland and much, much more! The only thing they can’t do is Stop!

Athletes like Aisling refuse to listen to Can’t.

For most people, two hip replacement operations would mean you can’t compete anymore. But can’t means nothing to Aisling and her mum Pam. Can’t train locally? They set up their own Special Olympics club. Can’t live independently? They got Aisling her own flat. Can’t get a job? Aisling works in a local hospital now. And can’t compete at the 2019 Special Olympics World Games after hip replacement surgery? Well, you can probably guess what happened next...

Ireland is full of people like Aisling who refuse to listen to can’t. But Special Olympics Ireland needs your help to keep them in pools and on tracks, pitches and courts across the island of Ireland.

They’ve come so far, they can’t stop now. So please, dig deep and help if you can.


Due to the pandemic, Special Olympics Ireland has had to cancel nearly all of its community fundraising events in particular its Annual Bucket Collection Day which takes place in April each year. 

We are asking our Collection Day supporters and the public to support our ‘Can’t Stop Now’ Appeal to help raise much needed funds.

With your help, almost 8,000 inspirational children and adults with an intellectual disability across the island of Ireland will get back to the pool, pitch and court. They will meet their friends again.  Through sport, they will learn new skills again, gain confidence and show the world what they can do again

Our athlete’s #CantStopNow Please donate whatever you can or organise your own fundraiser to help our amazing athletes.


Looking for ideas for your fundraising event? Check out the following suggestions:

Virtual Bucket Collection
Virtual Coffee Morning
Virtual Physical Challenge
We are currently running the Special Olympics Abs for Athletes Challenge! Signup here
Virtual Quiz
Virtual Talent Show
Virtual Auction/Raffle
Virtual Bingo
Virtual Birthday Fundraiser

Click the "Fundraise" button below to set your page up today. Everyone who raises over €25 will receive a free Can’t Stop Now t-shirt.

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